What To Look Out For In Your Website Maintenance Package

Much like your car needing regular servicing for performance, safety & security, your websites require maintenance and upkeep. Unbeknownst to most, website maintenance is what keeps the website running fast and at the top of Google search results rankings. Savvy business owners get a website maintenance package to leave these issues to the experts. If you’re looking for a website maintenance package, know the important components to look out for and what they mean.

  • WordPress Updates & Maintenance

You may see a loss in website performance due to depreciated WordPress functions and old PHP. By safely updating WordPress core, plugins and themes, you can rest easy knowing your site is keeping up with the latest versions. Most web agencies should support upgrade compatibility and this is the integral part of the plan.

  • SSL Certificate

Your website needs that layer of security that handle sensitive information such as customers’ personal information. With the SSL certificate, assure your customers & Google that your website allows secure connections to ensure safe browsing experiences. You could get this digital certificate on your own, but it’s a plus if it is in your maintenance plan.

  • Daily Backup

Under unfortunate circumstances, your website is only as current as your latest backup. In case your server runs into any problems, both automatic and manual backups need to be made on a schedule that’s right for you – preferably, daily.

  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Do you know how often your website crash? Website uptime is the period your website is available to users. While a 100% uptime is the goal, every website experiences some downtime and this could mean a potential loss of customers. It is crucial that uptime monitoring is part of the plan, especially if you have time-sensitive information on your site, so you can get alerts and react to downtime fast.

  • Broken Links Monitoring

If you see the 404 error pages on your website, it means you have broken links. Often caused by linking to removed content or renaming URLs, broken links could hurt your user experience and SEO. Users commonly bounce from a website when they see a 404 error page, and search engines tend to not index your website. Make it easy for the visitors and crawlers by ensuring all links are intact.

  • Site Scanning for Malware

Imagine losing control of your website to an intrusive hacker that takes on the form of viruses, Trojan horses and drive-by downloads. Malware (short for malicious software) attacks are burdens to website owners. Defend your website against malware attacks with regular site scanning to improve your website reputation.

  • Analytic Reports

You should receive monthly reports for website performance, SEO and Google Analytics that are comprehensive and easy-to-understand. Good website maintenance agencies give their clients advisory for ways to improve their website; such as A/B testing on certain website elements.

  • Performance Optimisation

The speed in which your website loads and displays on the user’s web browser is a clear indication of your website performance. If you have a slow loading website, you need to optimise its performance by cleaning up the HTML document, compressing files, reducing external HTTP requests, increasing speed with CDN & caching, and so on. If you do not want to worry about all these overwhelming problems, look out for performance optimisation in web maintenance packages and rest assured knowing your website is in good hands.

  • Content Management

As your business evolves, your website content needs to change. Make sure your web maintenance package provides content management service, allocating some time to make small changes, such as replacing texts or graphics.

Just as you entrust the safety and performance of your car with a trusted, qualified mechanic, you should entrust the security and performance of your website with experienced and trusted experts.

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